Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punchers

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HOUGEN-Ogura Punch-Pro 13.2 Ton Hole Puncher w/Power Retract
Product Code: H75002-5PR
Designed for applications typically done with hand held twist drills. At just 26 lbs, our lightest w..
HOUGEN-Ogura Punch-Pro 14.85 Ton Hole Puncher
Product Code: H75003A
Provides extra versatility with a unique throat design and the ability to adapt to two punch and die..
HOUGEN-Ogura Punch-Pro 22 Ton Hole Puncher
Product Code: H75004PR
Portable electro-hydraulic punch with 22 tons of punching pressure can quickly punch through 3/8" ma..
HOUGEN-Ogura Punch-Pro 22.5 Ton Hole Puncher
Product Code: H75005
This heavy-duty model is built for punching up to 7/8" diameter holes in materials up to 3/8" thick...
HOUGEN-Ogura Punch-Pro 31.4 Ton Hole Puncher
Product Code: H75006
Our heaviest duty model, the 75006, develops 34.1 tons pressure and will produce round holes up to a..
HOUGEN-Ogura Punch-Pro 76000 18V Cordless Hole Puncher
Product Code: H76000
FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: Jog down punch for easy hole alignment, punching speed: 4 sec ..